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STRESS THE MODERN DISEASE, by Dr. Michelle Levan - Page 2 -

If you are allergic to some foods, the solution is simple: donít eat them. The body has an innate wisdom, knows what it wants, and taking allergy shots can only cause future problems. Sometimes, certain odors can trigger reactions...often from past emotional experiences. Environmental sensitivities are also rooted in past experiences - the mind is very powerful. Conventional treatment is suppressing the symptoms. So, whatís wrong with that? Obviously, symptoms are how the body tells us there is a problem. Merely suppressing the symptom does not treat the real problem, the root of your discomfort. Traditional treatment uses cortisones and prescriptions that suppresse the function of the important adrenal gland - leaving it unable to protect us in the future.

Did I mention that agaricus was good for allergies? Emotions such as anxiety, anger, guilt, exhaustion and fear are sometimes symptoms of allergies. In the allergy seasons, those of you who do have them will not be singing the refrain: " ...the flowers that bloom in the spring tra la"!

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