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“The world population today is seriously facing a severe crisis in human immunological system fundamentally because of undue stress and strain of modern life, environmental pollution, prescription drugs that interrupt our own immune system, war, the threat of germ warfare.” This was a quote from an Indian homeopathic physician, Dr.T.P. Chaterjee, in 1982. How true this statement was; even now we have the new threat, SARS.

What can we do? We eat right and exercise, yet the diseases of today, that of chronic immune problems still continue to rise, cancer, Aids, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, cholesterol, diabetes to name a few. We are also witnessing increased autoimmune disorders: psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, environmental allergies and others.

Mushrooms for medicinal purposes have been used for 3000 years in Asian cultures.. Because the whole mushroom is used, the amount of beta glucan in this product is the highest on the market. Beta glucan stimulates the immune defenses of the body to fight off foreign invaders, viruses, bacteria, aids and cancer and foreign protein as in allergic reactions. There is a product for animals, and a highly concentrated liquid for more severe cases of immune disorders: cancer, aids and other advanced cases.
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