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In an intensive one-on-one appointment, Dr. Michelle Levan analyzes your life path; emotional and mental patterns; exploring hereditary health problems; stress levels and other contriIbuting factors to determine the precise remedy and an individualized nutritional plan. She uses homeopathy, nutrition, flower essences, and herbs to restore your vital force.
Dr. Levan believes that physical symptoms are your body’s way of calling attention to a disturbance in your vital force which is the energetic pattern that flows through every cell of your being.
We hold the memory of each experience within our bodies; emotionally, physically and mentally. How we process each experience will have a corresponding affect upon the cells of a related organ.
For an appointment with Dr. Levan, please contact her at  :

Los Angeles: (818) 530-3488
Oak Park, Ill: (708) 613-5325
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